Are You Dating A Bot?

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Sprouting dating sites nowadays is a very good indication that business about online relations is thriving. Young and old alike are enjoying being in contact with their dates. While it is true that communicating online is the best alternative in the prevailing situation, we cannot rule out the negative results.

Somehow, can we be sure that when we are exchanging notes with our date that the person is the one communicating with you? Bots are widely used to save costs in some online activities not to mention emailing systems, after-sales, and especially automated supports.

In this case, whether we like it or not in the real world of distance relationships it takes a lot of time and money to find out the facts.

Getting letters sent by your date could cost you a fortune since you cannot open them without having available funds in your account. And when you open it, the contents could just be a couple of nonsense sentences. It consumes without doubt whatever money you have in your profile account. This is quite disgusting, you are looking for someone to be a companion out there to be charged ridiculously.

Why in the first place online dating is needed?

Could we not find someone near us and be more sure that they are alive human beings? And not some intelligent bots that keep on repeating the phrases they have sent out earlier? Disgusting phenomenon. Can we not be treated fairly and not abusing making us believe that we are in relation with a real person?

These bots are programmed so that when they send to you letter/s, it is always one after each other. This means when you open it, the cost is almost $10 apiece, and then once you reply to it the cost will be the same. So with one letter, you spend outright $20. Are you in the right frame of mind using dating sites?

Well, in my opinion, is a big NO!

Let’s continue talking about BOTS. They might be useful in some ways, like keeping your business overhead at bay, but anyway using them with dating sites is giving a very negative effect. Paying members in my opinion must be treated fairly. They are not paying because of any other reason but to be entertained by their dates and not by bots. Members can be so much attached per se to his or her date and in the long run, will find out it was only a bot. This writer has tested some techniques to find out if she is being in touch with a bot but she could not divulge in this blog if she had.

Another thing that dating sites do is they tend to send lots of members who are requesting a video call or live chat to catch your attention. Should you agree to those it will be added cost for you since those ways of communication are payable. Dating sites are money eaters. And if you are for curiosity getting involved you must be ready to shed out extra money.

What will you do if you are in the middle of exchanging messages and suddenly you are cut off because your funds have run out? Wouldn’t you act quickly to return to the conversation? Of course, you will and then that is the dilemma, payment first. Their stopwatch works like the wind. Their one-minute counts are similar to one second. So don’t expect to go very far with their 20 credits. You maybe can write a couple of 2-3 sentences and then your funds flew like blown up by a hurricane.

In fairness to the paying members and the members, who are serious in their pursuit of a partner  . . . . .  in my opinion dating sites should consider charging them more realistically. The more members who could join and use the services will bring for them better income results. We are talking about the quantity, cheaper affordable charges can bring more people to join as members rather expensive but fewer people. There are lots of these dating sites competing for the pie and most of them charge cheaper than the most dominant ones.

This writer has found a few interesting contacts on one of the dating sites. She was very enthusiastically excited because it was the first time she got involved in this type of platform. It was at first a free account but then she got a message that her trial is over and now needs to open a real account. And due to her eagerness to test and try what is there in the dating world, she decided to get serious and fund her account. She got replies from those members she had contacted. That was the start of communication exchanges. Naturally, an introduction about yourself, your likes and dislikes, hobbies, education, profession, and more related information. No real contact information allowed that is to safeguard the identity of the members and to avoid any possible online abuse.

She got several offers of companionship and quite unbelievable utter of “I Love You” from those contacts she had started with. It is amazing to receive such kind of emotions expressed through chats and email messaging. It is anyway very difficult to believe that in a short amount of time they are brave to offer you deep feelings of affection. And due to this one can be tempted to converse more and spend money thinking that those contacts are real human beings.

The truth is the amount of time that can take you to know if the other party is real and not a bot is consuming a large amount of money. On the time you get a complete hold of anybody you have ended almost bankrupt. These contacts are similar to robotized systems that they keep on asking you every time the same questions and bullshits. This is one way of creating bills for you to pay since without funds in your account you cannot continue using the site. And as I already mentioned earlier the amount is impractical.

She asked one of her contacts why and how he is online all the time and not even sleeping. This contact is a doctor (if that is the truth anyway), he replied that the main reason is that he needed to patch up for other staff and he developed sleep apnea already. So, she asked why because his profession indicated on his profile does not practice shifts due to the nature of a specialized doctor’s job. She found out that what she has suspected of being is true. Could some profiles in the dating site be handled by support staff is the big question mark.

The writer does not wonder since before she joined the site, she read an article in the newspaper that one female member of a certain dating site, has spent thousands but nothing has resulted from that. Others of those experiences stated their contacts did not bring fruit from any of those intended relationships created. Some for a couple of years but did not succeed. This goes to say that personal contact is still the best avenue to find a good relation. The proximity contact is still the best way to go about in any partnership. Knowing each other better to build trust and confidence creates that camaraderie not found in distant relationships.

The writer could clearly state in this case, that a distant relationship does sometimes work but the percentage of success is quite small compared to close contact situations.

The writer has enjoyed anyway her escapades and experience learned by using a dating site.©tmp92021/


The writer and author of this short article have no intention of defaming any online dating sites whatsoever. Should there be real accounts using bots that can be studied further to this blog?

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