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What is companionship in the real sense of the word itself?

In my opinion, the word itself signifies togetherness. Like waking up in the morning you’ll find your partner beside you. Maybe still snoring and still deep asleep. Or can be armed wrap around you at times and smiling at each other saying the magic word, “I Love You, Dear”!

There are so many meanings of the word itself depending on how it is implied into use.

Companionship can be like you have someone going with you to the cinema, maybe to the opera, going to the theater and going for a cruise? Collecting mushrooms, berries, and even going fishing, etc. . it’s endless in its meaning.

Why do we need companionship?

With open eyes, I have witnessed how older people are very unfortunate to have no one around to comfort them. No one to call when they are in dire need. No one to sympathize with them when they are in sorrow. No one is to be at their bedside when they are badly sick in the hospital.

The boundaries are limitless.

Earlier when I was still younger than now, I could not understand hearing about older people still trying to find someone. I didn’t understand when someone even advertise in the local papers what sort of partner they would need. They publicize the specs of people they would prefer to be with. For me, it seemed taboo. I thought companionship meant only enjoying sex. It is not like that after all.

Now, even myself is thinking about having someone who can be seated side by side with me when the time comes. We all would be in a situation that we will need somebody to be close to us.

eSpecially in our culture, we always should be surrounded by our loved ones. I am sure it would be wonderful to be sitting in the garden or wherever it might be, with someone special. whispering and comforting us about the beauty of the surroundings, the humming of the birds, about the beautiful sunset, the afternoon rush. wow, these give a real peace of mind.

What is companionship compared to love?

Surely love is a many splendored things. It gives me chills to think about finding real true love. Can experiencing true love still occur at the later stages of our lives.

Isn’t it when we were younger maybe we already thought that the person we got married to or a partner we were into a relation for 20-25 or more years is our true love!

It is very difficult to comprehend the real meaning of true love.

I believe that one could only say he/she is my true love when they have enough experience and had undergone many difficult trying times in the relationship. I say so because those who surpassed those days of bitterness and the like can feel or have felt love in one way or the other. And so, because they felt that they really love that person and therefore, they have to sacrifice their whole life for true love’s sake.

Can true love be experienced in a so abrupt incidental meeting someone and during that meeting felt something electrifying and uncontrollable feeling of indescribable momentum? And after that meeting, one could not free his/her mind of the images and the thoughts about that special someone? Could that be true love? Maybe so!

Is it easy to find one who can be called one’s true love?

Probably not that easy. There are lots of them hanging around, but it could be a real gamble, so to say. That special someone could be not so a perfect person. Let’s say he can be still a good person per se, but he has more  undesirable traits? No can do!

That someone could be cheating at times, drinking at times with uncontrollable manners when drunk. He can be a selfish brut and does not  care about you. This is a truly unavoidable scenario of nowadays man and woman’s relation with each other.

Love should be coming from both sides of the coin. It cannot be called love when the other party is mindless of the other party. Love should be felt not only by saying the word, but you should feel it with chills and sinking deep into your whole being. That can be called love.

What about the cases of an older man taking young girls half their age (from a third world country which is now very commonly happening) as their wife?

Could that be called love? Young girls who don’t even know yet how the world revolves. They are still in their age of innocence. I don’t believe it can be called love. In my opinion, it is pure and simple lust and craves satisfaction from men. I don’t believe that their main concern is love. From the point of view of the young girl’s side, it is for sure fulfilling the financial necessity. Love is not a factor at all being together that’s why it is very common landing in separation.

How can you say to a girl that you love her when in fact she cannot even reciprocate yet to the attention given by an older man? How will these young girls survive the tides of times when left behind by their older husband coupled with 1-2 kids? It’s beyond comprehension.

It can result in a catastrophic situation given the harsh reality of life in a foreign land where those young girls have no idea how they can survive.

Now we’ll go back to COMPANIONSHIP!

Since we were talking about companionship, do we need to have a perfect match?

In what ways, could we say that a special person is our match? No way unless you have personal contact with him or her. It remains a big question mark how one could be considered as a perfect match.

Should that special person be a thing of beauty? or handsome? Should that person be wise, highly educated, should that person be a kind one with a big heart although lacking beauty?

Or do we know how to measure beauty?

Should it be physical or beautiful from within? In my opinion, the beauty of a person could be measured not only physically but we have to consider also the inner side of it.

Could that person be loyal to you or someone who can have flings at any given time? I would say being loyal to the relationship is the most gratifying and remains a very important part of any companionship, too.

Therefore, I think it is very safe to say that in companionship there should be love, compassion as well as understanding to make it work as its main concern in anyways.

COMPANIONSHIP is a very adverse word that connotes the real meaning itself. ©tmp2021

(Writer is a retiree who loves to write articles about relationships and how they can succeed.)

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