For you!

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It was Saturday when I found you

Grandeur looking in uniform

I am not sure, what should I do

Should I be brave and contact you.

The next moment I tried my luck

Questions in mind contacting you

Will you answer I do not know

I sent a text maybe you’ll do

Somehow reply in case you do

Still surprised I got a text

Asking me, who are you

What is your name?

I replied then and told my name

And where I was calling that day

In an instant, you changed your tune

Really surprised keeping your cool.

The next few days became intense

Exchanging texts with so much joy

Are these real queers lingers in mind?

Happy I was to have met you.

Enthusiasm came to both of us

We found true love without forewarned

Life seems to be so wonderful

With someone near beneath our souls.

This partnership god-given truce

Happiness and joy the future shows

Accepted both with so much hope! (c).tmp92021

(this poem is heartily dedicated to my loved one, Mac)

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