How Far is Good Enough

Photo by Ricardo Frantz on Unsplash

Looking around from far and wide

Yellow flowers abound my sight.

How beautiful I see around

The vast of land afar and wide.

Figuring out my heart and soul

Keeping me sad felt through my soul.

I wonder why life is so cruel

Could happiness be felt no more?

How can I think of someone else?

Someone I care deeply in my soul.

Could not fathom the pain I felt

In that instance moment a flair.

How far is good enough I guess

Could it be reached with heart a bliss?

Could it be measured by books you read

Or with good deeds deeper we hid.

How far is good enough I ask

With loving heart and tender care.

Thinking aloud but no one hears

Wishes unheard remain unseen.

Walking around to clear the air

Nothing can help but shed some tears.

Questions unheard flew in the air

How far is good enough my dear. ©tmpeippo5/2020

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