How Long Is Forever, Dating

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As the title connotes it is clearly describing a form of acquaintance that might lead to a solid relationship. It is however not a basis of love or anything further than that.

Dating is only a way to know each other in person by opening up to each other about their life and how it has been lived as such. Well, it could be ending too in bed but that does not mean anything of value that can be considered love. In Western civilized countries, it is apparently happening although there might be some exceptions, too.

Meeting a guy whom I had been talking to online has given me very solid insight into how a relationship matters so much. By just mere talking one could not measure how strong and can it be a solid relationship because talks can just be a product of one’s mind. A mere words of appreciation for something that never could be anything and could not be held upon. Nothing that we could not hold upon because the main target is only to make do with certain lust in most cases.

However, what I feel is a pity. Showing affection helps him cheer up and be optimistic about his condition. The man has an early stage of Parkinson’s disease, a rehabilitated form of health problem that leaves a person depressed. A brain disorder that causes unintended or uncontrollable movements, such as shaking, stiffness, and difficulty with balance and coordination. symptoms usually begin gradually and worsen over time. As the disease progresses, people may have difficulty walking and talking.

Well, I would say the man needs help. More dedicated care could help him cheer up and be assured that being with somebody could lengthen his life and after all still be able to live a normal life.

This man has been living alone for many years after his divorce from his ex-wife. Of course, he has had many flings but has not had somebody living with him. He only meets these women when he wants to see them for fun, no offense meant. But the relationships were of course one at a time for a period of time. I have no idea why he preferred a relationship in that way.

The fact remains a question he could only have an answer to. I have no idea if his relatives have had an influence on him to remain alone in managing his life. Anyway, it is very common in this society for a couple that when they retire get divorced and live alone. At least this fact is not a picture for all but anyway, a big percentage of married couples and couples living together without marriage which is a very common practice in Western society.

The time when it is most needed in our life to be with someone and enjoy the fruit of working hard and being together with less stress when their kids are having their own lives and out of the home. Then that comes the time they choose to live alone. Thinking about it makes me wonder. How can two individuals who decided to be together from the beginning land into separation when the time each one needed the most attention?

Living alone could be so depressing and nothing but sorrow engulfs one’s life whether alone in good health or with some form of health problems. It is always a question of having someone to share our thoughts, our disappointments, and our expectations. It is somehow an unavoidable situation nowadays since in the modern world we tend to be selfish and have nothing in mind but keep things to one’s self.

Keeping things to oneself and counting every penny that goes out of pocket even shopping for discounted food stuff as a practice just to save money. Money that when one dies could not take with them and usually lands in a relative’s care which causes quarrels at some stage. The wealth that one has not enjoyed being so prudent to himself deprives of luxury that one could have enjoyed while still alive.

A reality of life in the Western world is to each his own principle contrary to poor people in third world countries. In third-world countries, people are always happy to share the least they have even with a stranger who comes to their home without invitation. This is one of the most amiable manners of poor people that have been forgotten in the modern world. I believe in my heart that the world has come so selfish generally with the exception of those organizations who try to help poor countries by delivering goods and materials not to mention monetary help. Well, some help from these organizations sometimes lands in the wrong hands and the intended recipients do not actually receive those help.

Now, if we go back to individuals living alone, it became apparent that these people have very sad existence not only having their days thinking of the past but also the future. What the future would be like once they get sick to the point of not being able to fend for themselves.

Most of these sickly older people usually land in the hospital. No one visits them as if they are forgotten by their relatives who when these older and sickly people were up and running the show for the family have benefited from them. Some of these relatives have even given the healthcare workers the wrong contact information just to be free from the nuisance a result of being in a hospital or care homes.

Well, there are also children who do not have time to visit their parents at all. Being busy with their own lives has turned them to neglect their elders, too. Maybe once or twice a year at least. Not knowing how their elders are doing and even do not reply to calls. The worries and sad feelings could not be ruled out. But still what the elders do is wait and think for the best of their children’s well-being.

I have seen how pitiful old people manage their daily life. Usually, even if they have relatives, it is very seldom they get visits from them. So, these old people remain wishing for sympathy that these days come from caregivers in the hospice.

Caregivers, with big hearts, would simply be happy doing their jobs. They are the symbol of friendship in their own right. A type of friendship that could not have been commensurated with money. The services they afford for these service home tenants are a valuable contribution to society. The services that most times are forgotten that they also need appreciation for what they do but rather treated as lowly by the system and the very patients they do give care.

This writer has gone so far but would like to get back to the main topic anyway.

Talking back about a person with Parkinson’s disease, as stated by lots of medical studies, at the moment there is no known cure but it can be slowed down with proper care and administration of medicine that could slow down the disease.

A person with Parkinson’s disease can also experience a wide range of other physical and psychological symptoms that include:

  • loss of sense of smell
  • problems sleeping
  • memory problems
  • balance problems
  • depression and anxiety

Causes of Parkinson’s disease

Based on many publications reductions of a chemical called dopamine due to the loss of nerve cells in part of the brain. Dopamine has a vital role in regulating the movement of the body. It is not known exactly what causes the loss of nerve cells. Based on expert studies they think it is a combination of genetic and environmental factors that result in Parkinson’s. The most affected are men compared to women.

Although there is no current cure for Parkinson’s disease treatments are available to reduce the main symptoms and maintain the quality of life. These include physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Suited medication specifically prescribed by doctors and also by brain surgery. Regular appointments with specialists are very important.

Currently, with advances in treatment procedures, most people with Parkinson’s disease now have a near-normal life expectancy. PD does not cause people to die but great bodily strain can cause vulnerability and result in life-threatening infections.

The author has had close interaction with the person with PD and sees that following the treatment and keeping the person company will slowly alleviate the condition. Keeping a stress-free situation could somehow find ways to keep the person’s mind at bay and not feel neglected in life.

Closeness with someone could be the best remedy and correct medication could surely help. Giving assurances and having someone to share thoughts readily available will improve the meaning of life that has been forgotten for decades. Living alone is not the glory of being alive but it can be improved by sharing life with someone that could brighten up life for a reason.

Life is meaningful when shared by both individuals who understand each other and be companions for the rest of their life. The companionship that is built mutually, learn to accept that not anyone is an island in this life. No one is perfect but a perfect relationship could be achieved by accepting that imperfectness could result in happiness, too. (c)tmp20/5/2023

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