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In continuation of my previous post regarding online dating sites, it became apparent to me that my suspicions and analysis from the very beginning were all true.

While I was on a break for almost a year using this specific dating site, I was so naive to restart my subscription again. Anyway, that was a very good idea since by doing it I was able to gather more relevant information which has supported my claims in the first place.

Well, subscribing to the dating site was like a subscriber was put into jail. As soon as you become a paying member would lose your freedom as a human being. Your emotions would be at play in their hands. You will become addicted to refilling your account once you found somebody interesting to you. Of course, to keep track you are forced to fund your account otherwise you are not able to chat or communicate with your party.

Let us say for instance you wish to see the person with whom you have developed a relationship, but you will not be able to see him or her even though you have the funds or credits in your account. They always have a reason to tell you. It might be that they don’t have a camera connected, etc. . . Another reason is of course they know exactly that you have no credits to use for a video call, your party will ask you to video call, and he suddenly has a camera connected. Anyways, since you don’t have funds you will be forced to add funds to be able to use video call. And when you have added funds you still don’t have the chance because they will say the camera was taken away already.

All are plain tactics to create for you more and more expenses but in no way will be able to accomplish anything because the whole thing is a scam. Some subscribers have spent from USD 3000-5000 but end up with nothing concrete relationships. The whole system is a total abuse of your emotional being.

The site uses very sophisticated information and profiles of well-defined men. No one would think they are bogus. The ones running these profiles are employed by the site. Of course, they have a very good disclaimer to counter and safeguard the way they operate. It is one of the most excellent ways to earn money, let us say in $ Billions. They have the most prominent lawyers to take care of them.

By the way, when you are a paying member, there is dedicated support assigned to your account. Well, they openly claimed they don’t see what you are communicating with your party but actually everything is visible to their watch. You are not allowed to write any personal information like your telephone number, email address, and or your name. They will blur the information unless you send them letter by letter and or number per number so you have to pay with credits per message and that is equivalent to $10 chargeable. This evaluates how many times you need to pay the system ending you up with enormous costs.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, your freedom has suddenly been taken out from you. You became at their mercy completely resulting in emotional problems and making you guilty because you cannot afford the cost.

An account profile can be handled by 2-3 different persons. Since they are working in three shifts. You will clearly define it because of the way they write to you. Some of them are very aggressive, some a bit diplomatic, and some talk a bit kindly but are not knowing what was discussed previously. And when you notice it, they have always a good excuse saying, for example, Oh, they have many things in mind to handle personally and tend to forget things.

In my personal experience, this happened lately. I have a very good discussion with an Italian doctor. We were talking about him visiting me personally. I informed him which dates in December I will be free to welcome his visit, and provided him with the dates as well. He expressed his desire to come for a visit so I expected that to happen. He actually said he will be coming first before Christmas and maybe for the second time in January 2023.

The next day we chatted, he was completely lost and behaved oddly asking what I meant when I asked him about his schedule. He suddenly has so many excuses and even accused me of not thinking about his problems and I only think about myself. For this reason, I started analyzing the situation. It was completely out of context. The plans were forgotten. He only wanted to continue chatting and forced me to add funds to my account. He also was not able to video chat with me. What a man of no one word and without regard for the feeling of others.

And after Christmas, I could see he is online but he does not react even though I am online. This means the one handling his account is still on holiday. This is a clear justification of what I had observed and found out on the dating site.

A few days ago, I received an email message from one of the concerned subscribers that had a very bad experience using the dating site. She is really concerned about me and warned me. She wanted to save me from the same disaster she suffered on the site.


This is the exact message she sent to this writer but I won’t mention her name to safeguard her identity.

“I am sorry to disturb your time. I hope my email finds you. Please read carefully. If you are a new member, you will be a little confused, but if you’re an old member, I’m sure you’ll understand and this is the answer to all the questions you need regarding the veracity of this site.”

I was a paid member of in the past. I’ve been there for one year and the scammer’s ruse. Unfortunately, I have to inform you that all messages and emails that enter our account are automatically sent from the site. The members there make money from us. I am only helping by informing this. I hope there are no more victims like me. If you don’t believe it, try creating multiple accounts with different photos and names. They will write the same words, and same emails, all aimed publicly at every new member there.

I can tell you as much as I know. They make a lot of money from accompanying our chat. There are two kinds of memberships on this site, one is the “popular member” they don’t need to pay for the site, and another one is paid membership, (those victims, members like us, who needs to upgrade our account). The “popular member” was registered by the partner (agency), they are FREE Members. Scammers act richly using photos of other people they took from Instagram. All senders of messages and incoming e-mails from the automated system. Please, notice they are all NOT REAL. Their profiles are all FAKE. PLEASE, NOTE! A FREE MEMBER CAN ALSO HAVE MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT WITH DIFFERENT PROFILES. You can also consider them all as “PARTNER AGENCY” of this site. You could say they are STAFF from the site working here. They indeed work here for this site. Earn money from here. To make them look more real, they usually ask if we are real. In fact, they are not real. They get notifications instantly when you view their profile, open their email, or read their message. That’s why they send follow-up messages instantly. If you notice they spent almost 24 hours there. Does it make sense those important business people don’t have their busy lives just servicing chat customers? It’s because it’s their job, they make money from it. They use very attractive photos to attract attention and all of their members are very good with words, good at seducing, good at keeping you interested! They will be very good at making up various interesting stories about their lives, either a sad story to attract your sympathy or pity. Be careful. Once you reply to their message, they will keep trying to challenge you to keep you refilling your credits there. They will bombard you with lots of questions that entice you to keep in touch with them, and as if they really want to share stories of everyday life, exchange stories with us. In fact, they are making up interesting stories to deceive and play tricks on us. They’ll manipulate you to write letters for them and also read their letters. They will send you a blurry image that you have to pay for to display it. If you notice, paid members can’t upload videos on their profiles. Whereas almost all popular members have videos on their profiles. Because they will get paid when paid members play their videos. You will be manipulated to play videos on their profile, and when you do they will get money from you! You will find it difficult to get away from this site. I was lucky to be told by one of the victims too. She even knows one of the agents who work on this site. The partners earn money from every minute you accompany them to chat, read and write letters, let alone send GIFTs, all of which are calculated in the salary they will get, the bigger the bonus they will get. But the biggest salary bonus they will get, of course from the GIFT sticker they ask for. When it’s their birthday, most of them ask for a BIRTHDAY CAKE GIFT, taking our sympathies to say that no one gives gifts on their birthday and this is sad for them. Don’t believe their lies.

The dating site group has made work rules for NOT ALLOW the free members to exchange their social media accounts and leave this site to communicate with paid members. Of course, some say they can by requiring us to send the “THE CASTLE” a stupid sticker they call a GIFT at a fantastic price which they will exchange as a bonus reward for them. And the result later, you still will not be able to communicate with them outside the site. Because they are under contract. They will make various excuses. Some also ask you to submit one word per letter which will cost us more credit, in short, this site requires us to pay them to accompany us.

Multiple people paid $5000-30000 to refill the credits but never had a chance to video call with the “popular members”. THEY DO EMPLOY some REAL members and they SPECIALIZE in SERVING video chat which of course makes this site look real. But still, you have to pay every minute for video chat. Basically, this site is made for business and abuses human feelings.

They have more than 40 of the same sites, here are some sites that I got information from:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

When you love, you will subconsciously give everything you have. Please be careful, alert, and aware of fraud. My friend, if they are real or sincere, why they won’t leave the site to communicate with us for free out of there??? Try to contemplate this first. and correct me if I’m wrong.

I sincerely hope I can help by informing you. I don’t get any advantage by informing you of this. So you can trust or ignore my notification. Does not matter.

I would really appreciate it if you would help me spread to various social media sharing to many people so that there are no more victims if you can help fight the crime of fraud under the guise of online dating. Thank you very much, my friends!


This part of my Blog I rewrite from a message I got from one concerned victim of

Well, helping her to spread this message became my duty to society and help them avoid being scammed.

Based on my own experience, I personally found out the same truth about the matter. I would also add that the site is full of Chinese people claiming to be millionaires, rich businessmen, and the like. As well I get many invitations for video chat from very young Chinese males. Most of these Chinese men never use CHAT but only blurry email messages that when you open them will charge you 10 credits which is equivalent to $10.

I hope this Blog entry will go a long way to get more people aware of the situation

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