Scammers In The Modern World, Part2

This scenario came 15th & the 16th of November 2022.

I got a call from someone in London. He wanted to discuss with me cryptocurrency investment. I was too tired that early evening and did not want to talk with the guy. So, just to avoid replying it is better for him to ring me again tomorrow.

Well, came the next day and there he called me again. I asked for his name which he gave anyway. I will not write his name here for safety reasons. (Anyway, the two guys whom I talked to have the same name).

This time as promised I entertained his call. He instructed me to download AnyDesk to my smartphone, tablet, or PC. I did what he told me to do. I downloaded Anydesk to my PC. I was instructed to get into a website called the Coinstats app.

There he showed me that I have in my account $25.260,53 as shown below:

This is a sample of what my page looks like

The caller from London said that the amount would be transferred to my wallet account wherever the account would be.

I said well, I have a wallet with Coinbase. Then he said Ok. I logged in to my Coinbase account and there and then the amount shown above was sitting in my Coinbase account. I was so amazed and in awe. How in God’s hand this could happen? Is it the will of God that I had this money sitting somewhere and I didn’t know about it? Have I done an investment in the past that I have forgotten?

Then the caller this time had access to my computer and started clicking everywhere. I was upset about why he was doing that.

He said I have to apply for a loan so that they could use the money in my Coinbase account. The money is frozen and it needs to be activated. I asked him, Is it the reason why the same money does not show in my smartphone Coinbase account. He replied, don’t worry it will show up in a while maybe after an hour or two. Oh, really I accepted that reality being naive in this type of scenario.

And based on his statement, they will use the loan company in channeling the money and he will use the same channel to pay back my loans.

He first got into Bondora. I said I have a loan with Bondora. That would not be a problem that frozen money could be used in paying the loan. But first I need to apply again for a loan. I said no way, it will not be approved. Then he started clicking some other lending companies. All the applications were denied. Luckily enough, otherwise, he could have made loans in my name. He was disappointed in my case.

Since all replies go to my phone he has no idea about the denials. I stated to him, Oh the loan application is denied. And so on and on.

Having disappointed him, he ask for an excuse and told me he will speak to his manager to get the loan get approved.

Another fellow came, and ask me why I have lots of loans. A bit annoyed, I ask him why he is asking private questions. I told him he has no right to my privacy.

He anyway, started asking so many questions, like are you living alone? Are you single, said he is also single. I said so what? Already irritated I asked him where is the other guy. I could hear the other guy shouting to somebody also on the phone with him. Shouting while explaining and giving instructions to the person on the other line.

This time, I said to the person who took over speaking to me, I have to hang up because there is no sense in this kind of suspicious subject. So I hung up my phone.

Later in the evening, I read from the local news about all these types of scammers. There are thousands of victims have fallen to the same scam. They lost millions of Euros altogether and the reason why the authorities are very actively operating to catch these criminals. (c)tessipeippo/112022

Please, stay connected there is more to come . . . . . . see you

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