Scammers In This Modern World?!!

This is a photo I saved from the Bitcoin account mentioned in this Blog post. From $24 000 (364 days mining) at the beginning of their presentation to me it has already earned more. The reason is the app works the whole time using my IP address.

I am not sure actually how it works but anyway, the app produces every day an income but I haven’t been able to withdraw any amount at all. I need money to pay for its release but my concern is, would the system really release this money to me?

This is a true story of what transpired about three weeks ago to this writer.

I got an email with a message saying, “We have been looking for you!” I was so surprised and of course, opened the email message. I didn’t realize that was a script the sender forwarded to me. I opened the link and found out there was a huge amount of money in US dollars in my account.

I was so excited as a primitive reaction. There was written urgency that I have to withdraw the money in 24 hours because the 365 days maturity is a day ahead. Without withdrawing it on time will result in freezing the amount which will be shared with other active members. It was also due to the reason I was not actively using my Bitcoin mining account. Nevertheless, the account even though not managed was the whole time doing the mining, and that was done by my smartphone and my IP address.

It was quite amazing technology, what was in mind taking into account that it was doing the job secretly on the sidelines. Who could have guessed it was happening no one knows, even me. I smiled with joy completely carried away by the visible amount of money of about USD 24 000. What came to my mind was “Oh thank you, Lord”, I need this money. I could pay my loans with it. I contacted my bank and pre-informed them that there is that amount of money coming to my account, partly explaining the situation of how that money is coming and from where.

I carefully followed the instructions in the message.

The money before its release should be cleared from the US by paying many different entities to get it going and deposited to my local account.

Firstly, I had to pay the cryptocurrency exchange company for the conversion of Bitcoin to USD. It cost me €57 and then converted into Bitcoin before transferring the payment as required by the system. So I thought that was enough and the money would be paid to my account. No, it wasn’t, actually, that was only the beginning of the continuous payment to be done.

The next payment also in Bitcoin is the clearance from the tax office in the US amounting to €49 converted into Bitcoin again. Then another €49 in Bitcoin for safekeeping and parking (no idea what is the meaning of that), but complied anyway. Then another payment for parking of the money, €94 again in Bitcoin. Then the next payment which is €89 in Bitcoin also for clearance from the parking, and the last one I paid for was for the scheduling of the release from the parking which is €105 again in Bitcoin. I was so naive in paying all these unknown charges due to the big amount of money which is very clearly visible and the people who got paid writing comments the whole time I was active on the website.

I did not pay for the release of the money to my bank account, it cost €127 to be converted into Bitcoin like those earlier payments.

And by the way, all the conversion and transfers are additional expenses on top of those charges.

I had no money to cover the last payment thinking that there might be additional payable popping up after paying the transfer cost. What a nightmare in broad daylight. Quite skillfully made that no one could think it is a money-intensive system before your earnings in Bitcoin mining can be paid to any miners. I thought only it was maybe I didn’t withdraw for almost a year hence the charges are quite distressing to comply with.

Well, maybe for those miners who withdraw every seven days the cost is negligible. And may I say that the mining is done secretly by the IP address either by a smartphone or a PC? I tried using my PC while writing this Blog, and it worked, too.

Based on the records of my monthly earnings the minimum amount was about $1900 in some months but the regular amount was $2000+. This is a very lucrative way to earn extra income if it really works. We need not imagine how to get extra income during these times of hardship.

Honestly, I have forgotten all about the system reason I was reminded to withdraw my money sleeping in my account. Some of the members contacted me by email as I mentioned earlier in this Blog.

My problem now is how I could get hold of the money because I have no money to pay for the second time for all the formalities required. All those different channels need to be paid so that money they would release.

I should demand they honor the payments done earlier, and that would be the fairest way to go about this case.

That was not the end of this story.

One week ago, a representative from my bank contacted me about the information I reported to them. They told me outright that it is a scam and I was warned not to deal with them anymore. I was instructed not to make any payment to anyone I have no carnal knowledge about especially unknown people online. That some scammers using and communicating nowadays through social media cannot be trusted. But of course with the exception of those we know personally.

At this moment, this Bitcoin mining system is still working and my account is continuously having an additional daily income.

The only problem is how I could get that money in my account. The scam here though is when paying for all the channels charges, because we will never know who gets the money and we will never be able to trace where it goes.

This writer is hoping anyway, to get successful in claiming the money especially now that Christmas is just around the corner. (c)tmpeippo/11/2022

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