The Complexity of Distant Relationship

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What we call a “distant relationship” could be enjoyable to one but might be complicated to many.

Communication between two individuals in a long-distance romantic relationship could be quite stressful. Both parties are not sure whether the other party is doing alright as nobody sees each other side by side. Their thoughts are focused on the welfare of both for that matter. How can we read what the future of their relationship could be? It remains a big question mark as there could be always a guessing game in the picture.

Let’s talk about online dating.

Online dating, this writer has found to be in the first place the most expensive sport. To be able to communicate with each other both have to pay for the dating site. Any member who uses their services has to pay the corresponding charges for a specific service.

The fees are quite high if one needs to chat or send an email message to the other party. In both ways, the parties need to pay for either sending or reading (receiving) a message. Anyway, if one is a paying member and wants to communicate with a free member, there is no fairness because a “free member” can send and read any messages free of charge.

Well, a free member has to fulfill a list of requirements that are very demanding and needs lots of time online to reply to and accommodate inquiries from other registered members. There will be lots of incoming messages and interest coming from the opposite sex. I have a detailed list of those requirements herein follows:

A registered and confirmed member should have been a paying member for a period of three (3) months before the application can be submitted.

The dating app must be installed on his/her mobile allowing push notifications. It should allow web camera and microphone access for video calls with other members. They should have an accurate profile description, bio, interest, and profile status so that the information is accurate. Share the link to the dating site profile page on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc. .)

Application to be a free member the applicant should reply to 80% of incoming emails within 24 hours. Reply to 80% of incoming online chats within 10 minutes. Reply to 80% of offline chats within 24 hours. Check the dating site notifications to the applicant’s email on a daily basis. Sign to the dating site or mobile app at least 5 times per week. Use the Let’s mingle feature every time you log in to send broadcast messages to other members. Have video calls with other members on your contact list at least once every week. Change profile and cover photo every 2 weeks. Upload at least 3 new photos every week. Make a film and upload at least one video to the dating site every week. Spend at least eight hours online per week in total.

While the dating site could be considered safe to use, the problem lies once you become a member your freedom is completely captured by the site. You are not able to exchange private information with a contact. The cost is absolutely exorbitant and if you are not ready to empty your pockets, refrain from using what they categorized as email. Reading and sending emails cost 10 credits which are equal to $10 for each direction. While watching a posted video costs $15.

And another unacceptable feature of their inset email messaging system, you can’t send complete information although it is hidden. They blur the information and your contact would be able to see only a part of the information. If it happens to be a telephone number, the receiver would only see a couple of numbers. You and your contact have to spend many $10s before you can see the complete information.

I have gathered information about the costs and they said about $350 would be needed to get it going. The system algorithm is very well guarded by the staff 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. No way anyone could bypass it.

You become their property once you join the dating site.

From my observation lately, this dating site is saturated with Chinese people looking for a partner. The only problem I see is there are also very young guys Omni present on the site. My analysis in this scenario is they are on the site for earning money, too. Reading their published information, once you become a free member you are entitled to a share of what these people bring in like payment for gifts, etc.

Once earlier when I contacted online support I was mistaken to be one of those Chinese members, I was instructed to approach the one who handles me in the group.

Then the case got cleared to me dating site has expanded so well.

There are also lots of old timers like some of my contacts have been visible since last year.

My conclusions:

While the safety of its members might be its main concern, its exorbitant fees for services are high. The way they handle their customers is so demanding and freedom is taken out by disallowing members to gain information from their counterparts without payments. What is the difference between a herd of cows and the members of the dating site? (c)tessipeippo/122022

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