What Is A Soulmate In Love?

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How to find their soul-mates remains the big question hunting the majority of singles. Anyone can invite love into their life but no one can dictate how and when to express it. Since love radiates from a person’s fears and desires without conditions or any type of rules. “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies” as the famous Aristotle said.

In finding the right person there are steps and foundational points to follow. Anyone will be empowered to attract and find his or her lifetime partner once the said steps are followed. Each of us has a soul twin and a perfect match. Our main role is to present ourselves as mature and smart to find out the right match. We are solely responsible for making the search if we know how to proceed. Should we be lucky enough to find a perfect romantic match is not that difficult. Our eyes should remain open because we might encounter during an unexpected situation our true match. The timing seems to be everything. We cannot control the exact place and or date our soul-mate will appear. The big question here is patience and observance of time.

Living our lives to the fullest could amaze us especially when we are presented with a surprise when we least expect it. That is why we don’t need to be on hold when we are looking for that true soulmate. Working on improving our attitude towards ourselves, to know who we are and what we truly like are the best ways in presenting our image to the world. Feeling satisfied and confident as a single person is one of the crucial qualities we should possess before finding a soulmate.

Love ourselves first before we can attract a probable mate. When we know how to appreciate and love ourselves, others will follow suit because it is interesting to be close with people who love themselves. When we love ourselves it also means we have self-respect. This being said, will make us more attractive and easily spotted by that special person who could be our potential mate.

Chemistry plays a major role in finding a soulmate. It is that feeling of excitement that leaves a mark leading to an ideal and everlasting relationship. When two souls meet and connect to a deeper level it is called chemistry. We always say, when someone could reach into our chest and tear our heart, then turn it into a live breathing person, then he/she would be our soulmate. Biological chemistry can really blind two people into falling in love, but they need their mind, body, soul, and spirit in agreement. Then and only then one can clearly say they have the chemistry.

A true soulmate should be a mirror or a person who can show everything that is holding us back. A person who can bring the best of us so that we can turn into a better version of ourselves. His/her love should be powerful enough to motivate us towards our self-discovery. We are not looking for a perfect partner to walk the journey of life with but someone who completes us, our other half. In many ways, the one who serves as our reflection. Together we make the whole, making the union much more powerful. Our target is not to have a perfect mate but rather a perfect love, and a perfect love can only happen between two imperfect beings.

To understand what we really need from a potential soulmate, it takes a bit of patience, testing, trying, dating, deception, stress, etc. Respect, mutual understanding, and commitment are considered to contribute to a healthy relationship. Being joined together to strengthen each other is the greatest moment we could have with unspeakable memories. A partner who puts us first and loves us unconditionally is the most important criterion in a successful relationship. A partner who sees the imperfect us to be perfect. Would he/she be loyal and remain to be by our side? He/she should be someone who is supportive when we are feeling down.

Maybe he or she has the same outlook on life as we. Share the same passion and might also have the same spiritual practices. We should look for a person who can really understand and read our minds even without uttering a word. Speaking naturally, we want to be with a person whom when we meet we feel an uncontrollable attraction to and an illogical sense of familiarity with. Who looks up to us, admires, and respects us. Somebody who accepts us for who we are today and not for who we can be tomorrow.

A step further to reach an honest, sincere, and committed love relationship whose ultimate goal is a better version of ourselves is by respecting each others’ differences and opinions as well as apologizing in the case of discomfort. tmp/9.2021

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