One day while using TikTok I came across an ad offering free money to those who needed it. I was enticed and checked how it works actually.

To make the intro short I was presented with the idea of a money offer. They can give up to ten thousand US dollars to anyone who needs it or lacks money so to speak. Well, I said I need only a couple of thousand. With that being said, I was told to buy a gift card of a fifty USD denomination. I searched the shops but found only two 20 USD cards. So I then presented the cards to the fellow who was supposed to give me the two thousand USD as free money.

He said after receiving the card information, Oh it did not work because what the system needs is a fifty USD card and not the two 20 USD cards.

In that case, the fellow asks if I have Bitcoin. It happened that time I still have 15 USD in my Bitcoin account. I decided to use it and paid him 11 USD in Bitcoin. Hoping for it to work. The payment did not work at all and the fellow additionally wanted more money, like an additional 50 USD. This time I refused to give in and got very upset for the very clear sign of a scam using PayPal as a vehicle for sucking money from victims. This guy still shows his face on TikTok up to the present.

Then came another guy who this time offered USD 10K as free money but wanted also USD 50 by using gift cards. The USD 50 gift card did not work either so he asked for another USD 50 gift card. Well since I needed the amount of what he could give to me I provided him as requested. The system still did not work so he said maybe I must provide a card value of USD 100. I strongly refused to do it but anyway did another USD 50 card because the guy had bought or pretended to buy USD 50 worth as a completion to the USD 100 requirement. In this case, I spent USD 150 already but according to the guy machine is still showing pending so the USD 10K cannot be transfered yet to my PayPal account.

I got pissed off due to the bad situation and finally refused to pay for more. The guy has been calling me ca. 20 times a day trying to convince me that another USD 50 worth of card would do and money would be released successfully. I never answer his calls.

Then since I was researching all about new scams, I still did another one. He promised to give me USD 2K with a payment of USD 50 in a gift card. I did provide him with the card but like the earlier situation, he said the machine needs more money to work. I was this very upset already as these guys are hungry suckers. It took me a couple of weeks and tried again by providing the additional USD 50 gift card. Doing it because of the promise it will work after adding more money. Well as before it did not work. The fellow was all the time preaching he was an honest man and he was not like the others. He operates from Germany by the way.

Well, I paid him USD 150 in 50s cards but the last time he wanted it to be in Bitcoin. I vehemently denied it. He has called multiple times saying it will work after providing him with Bitcoin. Well, the money shows in my PayPal account but he has not activated it to be as such. By the way, he also uses videos of supposed women who received money from him.

He threatened me that he would cancel it but what to cancel because there was never any money. It is the magic of the wonders of computer systems.

The above are just living examples of one modus operandi used by scammers now.

Be warned.(c)@tmp1223

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