Feelings vs Love

In relationships between two individuals whether it is a man with a man but usually anyway it is between a man and a woman, the meaning could be so diverse.

Feelings are just a way of showing emotions to another person at the most basic stage of a relationship. It could be only a feeling of admiration. A feeling of infatuation mistaken for love. A feeling of attraction because he or she does an extra ordinary job. Feelings toward another person or toward the opposite sex is knowing no boundaries.

While love is an emotion that is deeper and more powerful than a mere feelings. Love needs to be developed like a plant. You need to water it everyday. Love needs nurturing, show sincerity towards one another. Appreciate and respect each other.

Love cannot be called love by just meeting each other once and a while. The best way to develop feelings of love is by being together and try each other’s company. If we think about how it can develop between two people, the best way is to learn how each other match is not only by trying how they behave but how one reacts to needs of either of them. Love is a combination of two individual’s emotions. Not plain emotion but a feeling that creates sensational feelings when they are in close proximity or even when having a distant relationship.

Love is not a creation. Love is a sincere admiration that has been put into action. It is a product of a great affection given to one another. Tested and trusted it will grow having a solid foundation that would stand the test of times. Supporting each other in times of needs and in times of difficult situation standing beside each other’s company.

As I see nowadays situation of older people especially, they tend to part ways when they’re retired. The time when they could be enjoying the life together because their kids have left home. Instead they prefer to part ways and be separated.

Base on my conversation with some of them, they said living alone is much better. Nobody to take care of, etc. Maybe when the husband drinks and smoke a lot, then they find an excuse when they retire. They divorce and live alone.

Of course it depends on how and what personal reasons could they be having which matters always.

Well, a love that has grown mutually has the best staying power and will not fall to any hurdles ahead because the trust and respect have been cultured solidly on the ground.

Love that has not been based on monetarial reasons but the result of good understanding between each other mutually participated by both.

A relationship that has been based more on companionship of two older person can last better since both parties have the same goal. And that is more on companionship. Love between two people having the same goals for life will always be sweeter and enjoyable. Why I said this is because there is no more demands like younger couples but only wishes for a happy life together until the end of time.

So those feelings are the start of building a beautiful love. Without feelings for each other there will no reason to continue nurturing a relationship.

Without feelings both parties are like heartless individuals. (c)tmp72023/

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