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Is love at first sight a pre-requisite for a successful marriage, certainly not. Some couples got married just because their parents have chosen them to be married, their union has anyway survived beautifully that produced educated and successful children, too. They learned to love and cared for each other which is mutually more gratifying. Love, at first sight, has nothing to do with it.

What is love at first sight?

It is a feeling of instant connection to another person on their first meeting whether accidentally or in an arranged meeting. It is a moment where nothing else matters around them. It is a feeling that you get and wish it not to end because you have never felt the same way before.

The feeling is intense like there is electricity running through your veins that produces the chemistry between two people. It is likened to being drunk and completely drowned in the feeling. It can be exhilarating.

For some, they hoped it would last forever even though it is only a sense towards a person that could be even located in a faraway corner of the same room. It is a reaction toward how a person looks, how they are dressed, their physical motions, their voice, and how they look at you. There is a feeling of something special about the person that one might be instantly attracted to, and you sense quickly that they might have the same feeling, too.

How real is love at first?

While love at first sight is real the parties should work and take time to know each other. This is very important to figure out if those feelings are real and will also determine if the parties are matching in all their ideas in how to continue.

Love, at first sight, is a concept that is more about an immediate physical attraction. It is about an exquisite feeling like how you find a person smells, how you enjoy their body, how they find you so perfect. But not the kind of love that marriage requires for the long haul. Marriage is a kind of love that includes being attracted to each other, and loving someone’s mind, skills, values, character, and personality that can’t be known instantly. A relationship that needs lots of work and practical understanding between two people in love.

Can love at first sight be a basis for a successful marriage?

We could not honestly say Yes or No.

Marriages are not that simple an equation about the partnership of two individuals. The process involves many different angles. At the beginning of the marriage, there could be changes in feelings towards each other. When we say love at first sight it does not clearly show how one behaves in the long run. One party could along the way get infatuated and focus affection on another person. Of course, this will greatly result in misunderstandings between the parties. So, love at first sight and immediate consummation of marriage will not sustain a long-haul relationship. Maybe a handful of cases will do but not many.

However, in cases, where the couple gets to know each other first after the initial spark before getting married, the feelings could develop into full bloom that could result in long-lasting marriages.

One good example of how it developed is either virtual dating or in-person. This way both parties will be able to know more about the other and discuss what could be changed to fit into the needs of the situation at hand. The union is not about one’s likes or dislikes but should be catering to both parties. It is the process of give and take.

While this might be true for younger couples, it is surely different if we think about mature individuals although we cannot rule out the way they behave between each other, too.

And they can be having what we call love at first sight, too. Well, it is important to note that love is only one of the components of a lasting marriage.

So, there must be also healthy communication, intimacy, honesty, trust, and respect for each other. Respecting the goals, dreams, and desires in their life together is very important. These take time, commitment, and work to accomplish.

Love at First Sight and How We Interpret It

A very common misconception about love, at first sight, is we call it destiny. It can be an overwhelming sensation and we think it is love but it isn’t. While it is a good match of feelings (endorphins), the reality is it is only an indication of strong physical attraction. We cannot be sure that the same person could be a lifelong match. Although physical attraction is needed for a relationship and being able to maintain a sexual relationship there is a need for more to sustain a long-term relationship.

The main point here is love, at first sight, is not sufficient reason enough for two people to be together for life.

We will know if there is still that spark of attraction at any moment in time like the beating of our hearts. You will feel the automatic chilling sensation running through your veins. The uncontrollable feelings that you won’t even understand at all.

Once you don’t anymore experience the same feelings being near that person or your love at first sight, love is gone.

Love at first sight which has been worked out to grow and pondered would certainly be resulting in lasting love relationships. Mutual love that has been built by two individuals will survive even the strongest tides of life. It will surely have a solid foundation that no one could destroy until the end. Love will always be there coupled with trust and respect for each other. Life commitment that only the creator has the power to dissolve. ©tmp6/2023

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