Trust, and Love In A Relationship

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How can two people profess their love to each other?

How can they show how they feel when they are far from each other? How can they believe what they say to each other when they are miles away from each other?

Well, in my opinion only trust and 100% trust will enable them to achieve the real meaning of love for each other. Without trust, there is no way their relationship will prosper.

How could they prove to each other that they are real and authentic when they are miles away?

Is it enough to just write texts or chat messages? Both media does not prove anything in real without full trust. Nowadays, there are rampant scammers whose job is to fish out their victims and make them believe they are the same person they claim to be. They initially must get the sympathy of their victims and then when the unsuspecting victim is on that is the time these scammers will start the process.

Usually, they will tell sad stories that will get their victims to fall into it. Then bring out a reason so sad that the victim could even cry hearing the story. When a person is in a vulnerable condition, it reduces their ability to think wisely. All that to their minds is how can they help. And when this stage comes into the picture, they are ready to shed out for example money for the scammer.

Playing with a person’s emotions is still the best avenue for getting scammed. Human beings are naturally full of humility and care for others, even strangers. When we see undeniably helpless situations, we easily come to think that how about we are in the same situation. Don’t we need help, too? And help coming from other human beings not our relatives per se.

It is always a primitive reaction that we respond to the needs of others.

Scammers know their trade; they know that we as human beings are vulnerable especially when we are alone. We need to have a companion in traversing the twilight zone of our life. These thoughts we must confess to be true although there might be some difficulties accepting them.

This stage of the scam goes along in a process that has been carefully planned by the scammer’s group.

I have learned that usually, three-person handles a victim. During their operations, you will know and compare them to each other. One of them would be very soft-spoken, the second one a bit insistent and the 3rd one a bit harsh and easily gets upset.

This way getting the victim is easily susceptible to their demands.

Demands could be starting from a PayPal card, Google Play card, Amazon card, Mastercard pre-paid card, and or any other cards on the market. Any of these cards could be cashed out easily.

If payments are needed or demanded, they don’t use the banks but rather use Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Victims are asked to pay in Bitcoin because tracing the owner of a wallet could take time.

I know about a worldwide organization that uses Bitcoin and accepts Bitcoin in their transactions. One of them is the United Nations. They have used and still using Bitcoin up to date.

Anyway, it is easier now to trace who owns the Bitcoin wallet if it is needed to be done.

Anyway, I happen to know also about a group of scammers from Turkey who uses Western Union in their trade.

The names of these people in any way, true names are:

(1) Dr. Baki Cicek, Managing Director for Operations, Organic Cargos Delivery Express, Istanbul Turkey

(2) Dr. Cluster Jason, Surgeon, Serving in Ukraine – United Nations

The above-named persons are scammers hiding behind UN and Organic Cargos Delivery Express.

I happened to know they are using Western Union in their transactions.

Dr. Jason starts with the victim first and in the process of knowing each other will be informing the victim about a box he needed to send from Ukraine to his family because the situation in Ukraine is not safe. And he needed to be sure his box is safe. Hence he has no immediate family as his parents are dead, and he is divorced he needed to use the victim as his scapegoat.

Ok, he will use the victim’s name as his delivery address.

Then comes the cargo company. The cargo company will inform the victim that the box needs to be cleared out of customs and needs to be paid. Well, after clearing it out from customs and ready for door-to-door delivery another story will pop up.

It is the Interpol. Then Interpol needs to be paid for a clearance certificate. When the certificate is ready and the box is scheduled for delivery then the FBI must be also taken care of. They need to issue a clearance that the goods do not fall into the classification of money laundering and terroristic support.

Due to that, a lawyer needs to issue a Certification that the goods are safe.

When all have been paid and organized these two named individuals will disappear from the whole scenario with their loot.

This is only one of the many ways scammers work to steal one’s money and steal the heart of their unsuspecting victims.

Now where does the trust lie? In the story above trust should not be at all considered. How can one give total trust when one of the parties is from the onset lying to the other party? That everything was already premeditated and carefully planned. But the victim does not know and will not know until swindled.

It is a million-dollar scamming industry that is going on the whole time. These scammers have nothing in their hearts but greed and deceit. To steal their victim’s money up to the bottom of the barrel. That even a cent must not be left untouched for that matter.

Well, this is exactly what I am trying to impart. How can there be trust if the other party is not tangible although they might be video chatting with their victims? Video chatting could not guarantee anything at all.

How can the victim be sure that the party on the other line is real and the same person referred to by the name used? Again, they even supply their victim with a passport copy to get the trust.

Of course, no way to know that because these scammers even resort to paying somebody who could write and speak English fluently. The reason is they don’t speak or write English themselves. And these translators do not care as long as they are handsomely paid. ©tmp6/2023

To be continued:

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