Gone Are The Days

Photo by Peter Burdon on Unsplash

Gone are the days

When I feel great!

Gone are the days

When I feel too tired but still inspired!

In this world comes a catastrophe

Nobody knows how far it goes!

In people’s minds, how can we cope?

Nothing can help but get some hope!

Myself unsure . . . . could there be hope?

To live alone could be so rude

Nothing can help just keep my hope.

Someone might come along the way

Who might bring light and give me hope?

As days go by, my mind unclear

Could there be happiness someday?

My mind mixed up wondering when

Could luck and love be found somewhere?

Gone are the days I was inspired

With someone else I thought was there!

As days go by it seems unclear

Can there be a light shining someday?©tmp2020

Author: admin