Online Dating Realities

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May I ask how many of you have experienced online dating?

I know you might think that dating online is just for the younger generation. Thinking this way you are absolutely wrong. The realities in life force the most vulnerable ones to find someone to share their lives with, especially during the darkest moments we cannot avoid happening.

The moments when we are alone and have nothing in our minds but loneliness and sorrow. The days that are just passing by like the winds spent alone in your own abode. Thinking about the days of happiness that were spent in the arms of our beloved. The days when we were young having experienced so much love and enjoyed the beauty of life. The days we experienced either happy or sad because we have had differences with our homebodies or partners. At the end of the day landed anyway on the same bed and patched up the misunderstandings amicably.

How do we cope with all this loneliness engulfing our whole being and have nothing to do but feel self-pity?

Some of us have managed to overcome the thoughts and the realities of being alone by involving ourselves in different hobbies. But yet it is not enough to comfort us wholly as what we need is the physical touch of someone we truly love and appreciate. Some of us have so much physical wealth but wealth alone could not fill up the loneliness we feel with every minute ticking of the clock.

We need a companion who can be there to comfort us and share with us the remaining days of our life. In our hay days, we need someone to guide us in times that we needed. Comfort us when we feel sad and be our strength when we lost the touch of life. Be there for us when we get sick, be there to bring us the shining star and the urge to live. Share laughter with us, join us on walks, and join us in the kitchen. The happiness a companion brings to us is limitless in terms of partnerships when we really need it during the later days on this earth.

So, in nowadays situation comes numerous dating sites. These dating sites are not only for the younger generation but serve as well for the older lonely people. These dating sites have on their platforms thousands of older people looking for love, lifetime companion.

One of the downsides experienced by all users of these dating sites is it is very costly. Any form of communication/s you use within the site will cost you money. So before you can find a suitable partner you need to spend a fortune.

This writer found out that most members are longer staying already. And before you can read any message from those long-staying members you have to have funds in your own account which the writer found to be a very good source of income for the site owner. Should one read a letter or message to those and or send a message to them, too, it cost 10 credits, and when you convert it to real money it is about 10 Euro/USD as equivalent.

It is a multi-billion dollar industry that spans all over the world. It is also composed of numerous websites of different names. It is by far a very lucrative business. Especially since those prime members bring them the money by preventing hiding the photos to be seen until the cost is paid by charging it to the one who wants to see them.

On the other hand, anyone who wanted to watch a video and wants to see the hidden photos should pay first chargeable to their account if their account has funds anyway. It is not an easy platform per se. It is rather very expensive for people who cannot afford to pay.

Although it is clearly stated on the platform that all the members are verified and real this writer found entries of people bearing different names but belonging to one person. The unsuspecting victim’s information was used and activated as authentic subscribers of the dating site although the reality is that that former member has already canceled their membership a long time ago. The concerned profile/s are being used to attract other members to contact them thus bringing additional income when the relationship develops but actually the unsuspecting member/s are communicating either with an impostor or with a robot using readily installed replies to certain frequently asked questions.

Those who created the profiles of these victims are instrumental in the criminal act of cheating their paying members, too in this case.

Another stumbling block in dating sites is if one wishes to be a free member they have very extensive requirements that a member should stay as a paying member for 3 months successively, etc before you can be qualified.

So a member who cannot afford to pay and stay for a 3-month period cannot qualify in the first place. And to be a member one should pay the amount of €59,95 representing the monthly membership fee.

This writer has no idea anyway if there are successful datings here that resulted in real relationships. The only true fact that this writer has experienced was she spent a fortune being able to communicate as every letter/ message read costed €10 each. And every video watched cost €15 each.

The opinion and facts stated and written here are the results of the studies she had done and spent quite a lot of money on, too. /tmp©92022

This article was based on facts and no one is allowed to copy and or publish as their own.

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