A Heart Broken

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Have you experienced a broken heart? What is a broken heart? Is it a physical condition that is visible to the naked eye?

A broken heart is a way how one feels when they are betrayed by that very person they poured their love and affection but ended up parting ways. It is of very intense feeling of despair that is very difficult to control either by thinking it otherwise or by suppressing the emotions it brought.

What is the best way to counter this type of problem? Is there not a way to repair the damage done? Do we need to give up so easily that we have to bear the sadness and sorrow surrounding the situation? Or shall we be forgiving and accept the fact that it is the end of it? Do we need to cry in the corner, suffer sleepless nights not be able to eat? What else do we need to do to show our weaknesses?

In my opinion, should the reasons be in such a form of nonsense, why do we need to easily give up? We need to fight for a beautiful relationship that must not go to waste. A relationship is a product of nurture and care afforded by two parties involved. A future union of hearts that will be the start of a new beginning.

Why should we give in to reasons unfounded and beyond the truth? Although we could say that trust has been maybe compromised in a way detrimental, still we must have well-founded reasons to save that relationship. Many of us are easily swayed by slight misunderstandings and do not forgive each other. We should try our best to be reasonable in any way and must consider the pros and cons that could result in the breakup. Love is a wonderful thing. We need to preserve and safeguard our feelings. We deserve to be loved and to love in reciprocation. We need to swallow our pride and be submissive if that is the way how to continue the romantic relationship.

Ok, let’s say that one of the parties went astray in some little ways, of course, it will hurt us big time. In some cases, it is blasphemy. It is a big insult to the other party, that could leave a deep wound. This type of mistake is rather unacceptable. It is understandable to create a big gap in a relationship. This could even end up the most beautiful of union between two loving individuals. Needless to say, could be the start of getting a divorce if they are already married. Could we still save the relationship?

Although it is a very difficult question to answer, well it is always dependent on both parties how they will accept it. In this case, a compromise maybe is in order. If it is the woman who has done the mistake it is up to the man how he will accept it. And maybe then the woman herself is not interested in her current relationship anymore. And that is how she wanted it to end. This is not a very common scenario in the early days but in these modern days, it is prevalent somehow.

While it is common knowledge that men are polygamous in nature, there is also a one-woman man. They stick with their partner even until after death. They are scared to try a new relationship.

Since we are talking about mistakes during the consummation of a relationship, men are the common culprit who is weak in any type of flirting. They also think to have the right to womanize. We can say that in their times of weakness men are easily swayed by temptation. The control of this type of behavior is very much dependent on the strength of man’s reliability. Respect for themselves is the foremost reason in question here. The less respect they have for themselves the more temptation could not be avoided. It is similar to a sinking ship, getting heavier and heavier until it sank down. When this happens the bond starts to loosen up and is finally broken at the end.

I am concluding that whether we like it or not time will come that even a very solid romantic relationship can certainly suffer when the parties involved do not appreciate and actively participate in building a more solid foundation that could withstand the test of time.

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