Scammers Behavioral Patterns

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We still up to this moment get scammed by the same people we had met earlier in the online world. These people I am referring to are what we call scammers.

They can be the face of a crypto promoter enticing us to invest in cryptocurrencies, selling any type of bonds, romance scammers, and the like. Or they can be trading apps represented by online trading brokers, too.

Well, I have met them all.

In the early days of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was the forerunner. In its early inception and introduction people were skeptical and had no trust it would be in the position like now.

It goes without saying that the foresight about Bitcoin came true as it really reached its position in the cryptocurrency market. In any game, there is always a winner and Bitcoin has made a point in the game. Lots of investors and main players have profited and become instant millionaires. As they said those who trusted Bitcoin in the early days are now rich and getting rich all the time.

And nowadays many different types of cryptocurrencies have popped up competing in the investment world.

Enough of the above like what is described in the title scammers are everywhere like romance scammers the most successful ones, and trading market brokers are the most used avenues.

Offer of love and romantic words have caught lots of victims. Articulative messages and words of affection have really made those scammers very successful in their trade. The technics used are changed all the time reason they could pose as anyone else and not themselves.

As a good example, on a dating site, one can create many different profiles using different photos This is practically true. These multiple profiles are used for creating money. The dating site itself is responsible for those multiple profiles by employing staff who handles different customer profiles.

It is very much noticeable because the dating site members mostly are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How can we even believe that these members can be present and ready to communicate with unsuspecting member customers? Those are employed staff who caters and work their time to handle all incoming messages toward any published profiles. No wonder most of the messages are copied and pasted and sent to different customers. A customer should be ready to receive the same email messages by the hundreds.

In my own experience, having my profile deleted and canceling my membership did not stop that to happen. My profile was even shared with their other dating site. So in that case, I started receiving lots of email messages and admirers.

Well, there is no way to find out the true identity of a member who contacted me because it is highly prohibited to disclose personal information on the site. Even if a member spends thousands there is no way to reach the person of interest. There is always an alibi so you end up hanging on the air. That is the idea catch someone and milk money from them. There is no decency I should say, it is plain business. But is it a fair business? I don’t think so.

In my opinion, sharing any customer’s information without their approval is out of the legal way. Especially if a member had requested cancellation of an account and deleted photos. Well, the deletion of photos does not end there. Whatever photos were uploaded to the site are being saved in their directory hence it can be used for creating multiple profiles without the knowledge of the person owning them.

Based on my experience, I had my account discontinued due to the expensive maintenance of the membership. I canceled it but anyway found out my profile has already been shared with one of their many dating sites. The second time I reactivated my account, it has already been shared with another site of theirs as they have about 40 of those sites.

At the moment I have an active account but have not funded it all. Of course, this gives me lots of contacts and email messages that were left unanswered. Well, reading them when I have that luxury of time is sometimes done.

This author has had this true experience hence this article is having a basis in writing./tmp5/2023.

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